Happy Growing Up

“When there is no emotional security, humans become psychologically imbalanced. If you want a generation of people to be productive, they must be conscious or have emotional security – otherwise, they will go crazy.”


Here are six parenting tips from SADHGURU JAGGI VASUDEV of Isha Foundation that could help improve the parent-child relationship

Children want to emulate what you do. If you set an example as someone worth looking up to,you do not have to do much parenting.Here are a few points worth thinking about:

1 Evaluate Yourself: Before you decide to have a child, you must evaluate yourself in every aspect — the way you sit, stand, speak, and react to situations. Ask yourself, if you were a fiveyear- old, would you like and look up to this person? Another thing you could do is spend sufficient time with children to see if they like you, and if you like them.This way, a lot of wisdom would blossom,and fertility clinics would close down.

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