How to Manifest What you Want

“Everything we as human beings have created on this planet first found expression in the mind, then it got manifested in the outside world.”

— Sadhguru

Whatever people aspire for in their life – whether it is to grow a business, build a house or whatever else – the thought: “I want this” arises. Once this thought happens, most people focus their energy towards that something through action and start working towards it. If their action is incisive enough, their thought becomes a reality. That is the usual way people function in the world. But they do not know how to infuse or empower that thought with a certain dimension of energy.

If you have some mobility in your energy beyond the physical body, and if that mobility becomes a conscious process, you can sit in one place and make your energies go somewhere else. However, if you do this without gaining sufficient mastery over your own life energies, you may not know how to pull the energies back into you. You can lose your life like this. You will see, if someone’s desire is beyond a certain pitch, they always die young. Most people’s desires are fickle. They desire something today, something else tomorrow – it keeps changing. But if someone desires very powerfully towards something, they die young whether that something happens or not. Especially if that something happens, they die young because they know how to throw their life energies out, but do not have enough mastery to do the work and come back.

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