Interview with Sadhguru

“When you are truly committed, you express yourself totally, in every possible way. When commitment is lacking, somewhere you lose your purpose. When the purpose of why we are here is lost, there is no question of fulfilling our goals.”


If you look at Mahatma Gandhi, he was not talented or anything special. He could not successfully practice as a barrister in India, which is why he went to South Africa. But suddenly,
the man made a commitment towards something. He became so committed that he became a giant.

This is all that happened to many people who are historically known as great beings. They were living with a limited identification, and then, all of a sudden, an event occurred that broke their identities so they were able to relate to a larger process happening around them. They did things that they themselves could not imagine possible. Being committed is just something we have to decide within ourselves. Whatever happens, life or death, one’s commitment should not change.

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