Interview with Sadhguru

“What you see in the world is just a larger manifestation of what is happening in human minds. Unless we create peaceful human beings, there cannot be a peaceful world.”


Our education systems have become completely divorced from this. We are only interested in placing our children in a factory-like situation, where everyone is pushed through the
same extruder and they are supposed to fall out in the same shape.

But that is not how human beings are made. So what can we do about it? My entire life’s work is about individual transformation because without that there is no such thing as changing the world.
The world, society, and nation are all just words. The reality is just you and me, and how we are within ourselves right now. From the very beginning, competition or one being above the other has
become the way of our education. Instead of each child exploring how to unravel the genius within, this destructive pursuit of how to be above someone else is violence. There may be efforts to
being peaceful as a moral quality but the ambience of ruthless competition breeds violence.

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