Perception Matters …more than information

“If all the spirituality that you have gathered is just memory recorded in your head, it is of no consequence, because spirituality is an inner process.”


The Vedas are a series of discoveries, both outward and inward. It was the knowledge book of the past in Indic culture. It deals with various aspects, including things like how to eat and how to attain to your ultimate nature.

The Vedas are like a blueprint to existence in many dimensions. Various mantras in the Vedas are about converting form into sound. If you feed any sound into a sound-measuring instrument, an oscilloscope, it releases a certain pattern. Depending upon the sound’s vibration, frequency and amplitude, the oscilloscope creates a certain form. Every sound has a form attached to it. Similarly, every form has a sound attached to it. The relationship between form and sound is referred to as mantra. The form is called ‘yantra’ and the sound is referred to as ‘mantra’. The technology of using form and sound together is called ‘tantra’.

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