Something You May Never Ever Dream Of

“My wish is that your dreams should be shattered. Only then will something larger than memory will manifest in your life. May something you can never dream of happen to you.”

— Sadhguru

I first saw a calculator at the age of thirteen. I was deeply offended, wondering why on earth we were being tortured in math class when all that the teacher needed to do was to consult a machine for the answer! I dreamt of the day when there would be a machine for every other class as well.

There is a pervasive notion that spiritual life is antagonistic to the mind. This is a fallacy. The human mind is responsible for the great advances of culture and civilisation. But we have accorded disproportionate importance to a single aspect of the mind: the intellect. Today, it is those with great memories who are considered intelligent. They pass examinations with ease, get top grades, bag PhDs and are hailed as thinkers of repute. This is, primarily, because they remember what they study and are efficient at reproducing the same.

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