Standing up for Life on this Planet

“We may be thinking the life upon this planet is human-centric. But life upon this planet is not human-centric.”


When you are an ecological movement, you are not against anybody, you are for everybody; that’s the reason you want to do this. The only reason you want to take up ecological work is, you are for every life on the planet, not just human beings. You want the insects and the worms also to live well because you understand our life is not separate from each other, our life is an integrated and a connected life. How healthy the worms are today will determine how healthy we are tomorrow. Till now, eco-movements have always been against somebody. This mode has to change. The eco-movements and activists have to change and mature into a different level of activism. Here and there, movements like the Project GreenHands are happening.

One thing we are proud of with the GreenHands movement is that it has bred so many other movements. So many other people have started planting trees, which is a wonderful thing. And the government of Tamil Nadu itself is trying to outdo us all the time now. It’s really, really good. This year we are planting six million trees.

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