The collector’s item

“If you gather all the galaxies into your accumulation, you will still feel insufficient because there is something within you, which will not settle for any little thing, because its nature is that of the creator himself.”


The problem is that you get identified with the accumulations. Accumulation can enrich your life: in any sphere of life, who is the rich man? The one who has accumulated plenty, isn't it? So accumulation is not the problem, it enriches your life. But, you're identified with your accumulations and since you can only accumulate things, you have reduced yourself into a thing.

I know you accumulate people, but they are also things in your experience, because they're your property isn't it? People are your property. Your husband or your wife, your children, they are your property. Somehow, because accumulating inanimate things is not sufficient for your ego, you accumulate animate things; otherwise you don't feel good. They may be living beings, but in your experience, they're just things that you possess.

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