The fruit of action

“Life is nurturing you with such a deep sense of Joy that if you were rooted into the core of life, then outside situations would have no impact on you.”


You can handle the outside situations only to the best of your capability. Some things happen the way you want them, some things don't happen the way you want them. What about it? That's how life is, and you have no issue with it. Some things work for you, some things don't work for you. Even if it doesn't work for you, obviously it is working for somebody else. Isn't it? What's the hassle?

You become unhappy and depressed when what you want does not happen. When you are already joyful, what happens or does not happen is not the issue. You are released from the fruit of action even before you start the action. This is not because you develop some dispassion or renunciation about it but simply because you are so joyful. If you do not know Joy within yourself as a way of being, you cannot be free from the fruit of action because the fruit of action is the source of your Joy. How can you be free from it? You cannot be free from it.

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