The Real High

“True bliss is the ultimate spiritual high that resides within us and is not something that can be experienced through any external source.” —Sadhguru

Recently, I came across an interesting piece of news that was both amazing and shocking. It said that the biggest cash crop in the United States is marijuana. They produce only 17 billion dollars worth of corn and 12 billion dollars worth of soybean, but 38 billion dollars worth of marijuana! We always thought Afghanistan produces all the marijuana on the planet. But the United States is producing 38 billion dollars worth of marijuana. So, somewhere people must believe that drugs can deliver them to the Ultimate.

Extensive research was carried out in the West by people like Aldous Huxley, Carl Jung and Ram Dass [Richard Alpert] among others to find a drug that could give the ultimate high. All of them did notice that there seems to be some kind of breakthrough, but they always reached a dead end; they could not go beyond a certain point. They thought there could be some other drug to do this.

So what does a drug do? Most drugs are harsh and destructive to the system. Marijuana is one of the milder ones and LSD [lysergic acid diethylamide] was considered spiritual. In the ’60s, people considered it to be a prasad from heaven.

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