The Spirit of Inclusiveness

“This is what education has done to people: endless want.”

Educating yourself fundamentally means to broaden your horizons. From being in limitedness, you want to enlarge yourself. Increasingly, in large cities worldwide — in India as well — even two people are unable to live together. They have separate homes and meet during weekends. We are becoming so exclusive that loneliness has become abig problem.

Gypsies live a completely different kind of life. They have a different attitude that is considered romantic and, in some ways, very beautiful. Once a gypsy was scolding his son, “You good-for-nothing fellow, if you don’t learn some magic and jugglery to make a living, I will put you in school and make you an educated man and then you will suffer from endless want.” This is what education has done to people: endless want. The more educated societies are becoming, their wants are becoming unbelievable. Soon, an individual will want a separate planet for himself to dig up resources. All of us cannot live on one planet. It is not information that damages people, it is the way you gather it and the way it is given, and with what context. Inclusiveness is disappearing from society.

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