Time To Do What You Have To Do

“When life around you is in crisis, then your intelligence, your physical health, your sense of balance, your wisdom, everything is of utmost value.”


There are times where inaction becomes more significant than action. This is a time like that. The less you do, the better – especially in terms of travel and social interactions. India has gone through bouts of malaria, and more recently dengue and chikungunya. For all of these infectious diseases, the carriers are mosquitoes. So we always took measures to exterminate mosquitoes. But in the current pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus, we are the carriers. So we must lie low.

We are making a strategy of preparation and prevention, not just for India but for all the nations that share a border with us. There is an enormous cost to this, but right now, the focus is on staying alive. To stay alive, you just have to stay home and take all necessary precautions as advised by medical experts and others until such time as it is necessary to do so.

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