To End Violence, Raise Human Consciousness

“Violence is not on the street. Violence is in the human mind. The fundamental source of this is the limited identifications that you have created.”


"The violence that is happening in parts of Bangladesh is extremely distressing. Homes have been razed to the ground, businesses have been burnt down, temples have been vandalized, and a few people have lost their lives. These events are not just happening today. They have been happening off and on for many years.

But it would not be appropriate to blackball the entire country of Bangladesh, because these incidents in the last few days have happened in certain places, not all across the nation. It is only a certain number of people who are involved in this. There are various forces behind these things. It is very important that they are pinpointed without painting the whole nation in that colour, because that will grow animosity between nations, which will not be anyone’s interest. "

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