“All those people who depend on external situations to be happy will never know true joy in their lives, because no matter what kind of a person you are, however powerful you are, even if you are a superhuman, you don't have absolute control over the external situation.”


The other day, when you came to invite me for this particular installation function, I was told that this year's motto for Rotary International is, "Mankind is Our Business." If mankind is your business, your first business should be yourself, because whatever you do in this world will not be anything other than who you really are. You may have great intentions, you may have great ambitions, you may have many desires, but fundamentally, everything that you do in this world spells out who you really are within yourself.

One thing that I would like to remind you of this point is, in this world, on this planet, most of the harm, most of the pain, most of the suffering has been caused to people, to humankind, only with good intentions, not with bad intentions. The maximum slaughter and killing have happened on this planet only with good intentions. If you look at this world, the fight is not between the good and the bad. It is always the good people who are fighting. If you are a good Indian, you fight a good Pakistani; if you are a good Hindu, you fight a good Muslim. The better you are, the more you fight. It is not the bad people who are fighting each other. It is always the good people with good intentions. The crusaders, who slaughtered millions, also did it with good intentions. Even somebody as brutal as Hitler, who caused so much pain and suffering on this planet, did it with good intentions. He wanted to create a super world—a great intention!

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