What Does It Mean To Be A Volunteer?

“Give yourself to a certain period of sincere practice without expecting anything to happen. Don’t look for miracles to happen. The greatest miracle in life is life itself.”


Essentially, volunteering means to become willing, or in other words to become an absolute yes to life. Most human beings are “yes” if it's convenient, “no” when it's not convenient; “yes” if it's yielding something, “no” if it's not yielding something for them. A volunteer means there’s only one thing that he’s dropped, which is a very significant thing, he’s just dropped this one calculation, “What can I get?” If a human being drops this one calculation, “What can I get out of this?”… if he drops that, suddenly he becomes a phenomenon. This is something that I am constantly demonstrating to people, what our volunteers can do.

This is a small program for us. If you see our major events… for example, Mahashivratri is approaching – over one million people will be there, through the night, from evening six to morning six. Or if you look at Project GreenHands or the Rural Rejuvenation programs… or just about anything that’s been done here.

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