What is the Benefit of Consecration?

“The science of consecration is about using the life energies and manifested forms which could be of immense benefit and serve human well-being on various dimensions.”


As life is just energy manifested itself in various forms, a whole science of consecration is also about using these life energies and the manifested forms which could be of immense benefit and serve human well-being on various dimensions. The Linga is one such form and the science of manifesting energy in the Linga form is an ancient science, which has been mastered in this part of the world and been prevalent for thousands of years. It is also interesting to note that in many parts of the world including Africa, Europe and even among the Native Americans there are certain examples.

Here, in India, people did not believe in god. You need to understand there were never any prayers in India till a few centuries ago. Only invocations, no prayers. Even today, nobody is leading a prayer in the Indian temple. Nobody tells you you must pray, but the tradition is you must sit there for a while. It’s very alive in South India even today. These places were created as energy centers where people could go, recharge themselves, reverberate with the energy and come out. For different types of requirements different types of temples were created. Now if you are suffering from fear you go to one kind of temple, lack of love you go to another kind of temple, lack of prosperity you go to another kind of temple–they created different types of energies. This whole science is called as the science of consecration. You consecrate a certain space with a certain reverberation where people can go and benefit from that.

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