Why is Yoga Good for Mental Health?

“For most human beings, if the way they think and feel changes, you will see that there is a tremendous change in their life.”


Being mentally ill is not a joke. It is a most painful thing. If you have physical ailments, you will get everyone’s compassion, but when you have a mental ailment, you will get laughter, unfortunately. This is because it is very difficult to make out when someone is sick and when someone is being stupid. This is the biggest problem for those who have someone in the family who is mentally disturbed. You do not know when they are making it up and when they are really suffering. You do not know when to be compassionate, when to be hard on them.

Human sanity is a very fragile thing. The line between sanity and insanity is so thin. If you push it every day, some day you will cross it. When you get angry, what is the expression that is used? “I am mad with you,” or, “I am mad right now.” You may enjoy that little bit of madness–you crossed the line, and it felt like some kind of freedom and power. But one day when you cannot cross back, that is when suffering begins. It is not like physical pain–it is immense suffering. I have been around people who have been mentally ill, trying to help them. No one should have it. But unfortunately it is becoming an epidemic in the world.

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