Hopping Continents – Mission Consciousness

“Moscow of today is a vibrant and beautiful city of a grandeur of its own...There is a palpable sense of quest and inquiry in the Russian society.”

— Sadhguru

London, 15 Nov 2017

Post Rally for Rivers, in the last month I’ve been in a buzz of travel and a flurry of events across 7 nations. After a brief Canada stay with a mega Shambhavi initiation event and a few smaller events, USA was a bit longer engagement. Bhava Spandana was a smashing event as ever; a 750 strong Bhava Spandana was booked up within 15 minutes after the registration opened. Yes – 15 minutes, not days.

After a day’s halt in SFO, the 2 events with the Berry Gordy family of the Motown fame were special for its uniqueness in nature and attendance too. Having the likes of Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder in the audience and sweet Stevie performing with his unique style and voice was a real treat.

My first time in Hong Kong, 3 days for an Inner Engineering program – it’s been some time since conducting a full IE program. Of the 2700 participants, over 1600 from China – mainland. Incredible level of participation and eagerness to know.

A day’s stopover in Delhi and the setting up of the National Board for the Rally for Rivers, to further the cause and interface with the Government at the Center. A very prominent and committed five-member Board. Rally for Rivers being labeled by some media as the largest movement ever on the planet, with 160 million unique Missed Calls and direct participation from all segments of the Nation is steadily moving towards a concrete solution for the dire situation of water depletion. After this brief but tight schedule in Delhi, on to Moscow.

Moscow is a city that I’ve wanted to visit since the time of the Moscow Olympics in the eighties. The impressions of Moscow being mostly from Hollywood movies, you would be looking for all and sundry on the street to be a KGB agent, but no such luck.

Moscow of today is a vibrant and beautiful city of a grandeur of its own. A 3-day stay with a few events public and private. There is a palpable sense of quest and inquiry in the Russian society. Communism seems to have cured people of fanciful belief systems, but has left people bereft of any solutions for basic human inquiry of one’s existence. A fertile land for spiritual sowing.

An evening at the Ballet was spectacular to say the least, and then on to the Berlin event – just a 24-hour halt in Germany – and here in London for an In Conversation event at the Science Museum. An enjoyable evening at Wembley and a couple of golf rounds have been much needed relief for my battered body that has lacked rest and needed nourishment for the last few months.

Bliss and Blessings,