Linga Bhairavi – Divine Force You Cannot Miss

“Tears have nothing to do with pain and suffering. Tears have something to do with the intensity of a certain experience.”


Dear Sadhguru, this is the first time I am visiting the ashram and I happened to go to the Linga Bhairavi. I went inside and I closed my eyes, and there was a surge of tears coming. It was continuous. I was not crying. I just wanted to know what happened to me.

Water leakage! I am glad it is from the eyes. No, I am not joking because when something overwhelming happens, if it is pleasant, water will leak from the eyes. If something unpleasant happens and it is overwhelming, it leaks elsewhere!

Socially, people have always linked tears to pain and suffering. Wiping your tear away is supposed to be a great thing to do. Tears have nothing to do with pain and suffering. Tears have something to do with the intensity of a certain experience. If your misery is very intense, tears will come. Even if anger is intense, tears will come. If joy is intense, tears will come. If love is intense, tears will come. If you simply touch intensity, tears will come. It need not have any particular name to it. It is not misery or joy, this or that causing tears. It is the intensity which is causing tears.

Bhairavi – you may think she is not beautiful, but she is intense. Intense means she is super intense. She will come at you in waves of intensity if you can be there for a period of time without making conclusions or raising questions. The problem is that one drop of tear comes, ten questions will come up. If you can simply be there without raising questions, without making conclusions, “Oh, she is with me. Oh, this is going to happen. Devi, do this for me. Do that for me.” None of this. Simply, if you can be there, you will see she will come in waves and waves of intensity. She is just checking you out. How much are you ready for? I am also constantly checking people how much they are ready for. Not too many people are ready for too much.

Most people only like snacking. They don’t like a full meal. They like to snack. They like to snack here, snack there, and they think their life experience has become rich. If you want your life’s experience to become rich, you must allow something to overwhelm you in such a way that you do not exist. That is when, if you sit here without any sense of yourself, then everything is here. If you just enhance yourself a little bit, maybe socially it will be valued, maybe you can talk a little smarter than somebody else, and maybe you can do a few tricks that others cannot do, but that is not the real thing.

These are powerful forms, Dhyanalinga is a little subtle. It will envelop you all over, you don’t feel it. But Devi just slaps you in the face so you know it. Tears come. Because you did not get it in the Dhyanalinga, we put you in that corner [Linga Bhairavi]. She is a wonderful form. Though just three years ago we worked on her and made it happen, she amazes me the way she functions. Absolutely incredible! When you create something, you may know all the parameters of what it is. Suppose you build an airplane, you know the technology of it, you know how it flies, what makes it fly, everything. But still, when it flies, it amazes you. Though you know all aspects of it, still when it actually flies, it is amazing. Devi is like that. Though we knew all the parameters of what she is and how it works and everything, it absolutely amazes me in how many ways she is functioning right now and it is fantastic. It is truly fantastic.

So, just go sit there, let her destroy you. That is the way. That is not a place to go and save yourself. Everything that you are should be destroyed and you must carry a divine force within you and go out; not for any particular purpose. That is the way to be. If you ask me, that is the only way to be. Otherwise, you will exist here as a puny little creature. In this universe, we are just puny little creatures if we live here as physical beings. Only if we are overwhelmed by something much larger than ourselves, overwhelmed by a force which is limitless in its nature, only then, every breath, every step is worthwhile.

Love & Grace,