The Big Bang Is Also Your Karma

“The very beginning of creation is also your doing because that is also in you. Everything happened in that which we refer to as consciousness.”

— Sadhguru

Your Past, Present, and Future is Written All Over You

Sadhguru: One way of looking at karma is that it is a residual memory of various things that have happened to one’s body, mind, emotion and energy. It is a residual memory of various situations that have occurred. There is a large part of you which has lived much, much longer than you as a person have existed. You don’t have to go into it in terms of reincarnation. If you just go by modern terminology, when they say “genetics,” it undeniably means that your parents are still living through you. You only believe that you are different. This happens to a lot of people, by the time they are 40–45, they start behaving very much like their parents, unless they consciously set a completely different path for themselves. Your father and mother lived in a certain way, but why do you have to go through the same thing?

Karma is not just what you did and what you did not do, it is the residual memory. The karma goes right to the beginning of creation itself. If you cut with awareness through your body, if you are conscious enough, you can clearly see even the beginning of creation. Everything that ever happened is there in literally everything, particularly in the human system. We know this by experience.

Today, science has progressed to a point where when you cut a sequoia tree, scientists are almost able to read what happened in the last 3000 years – how much precipitation, what temperatures, fires, disasters, everything. This is like somebody looking at your hand and telling you your past and future. It is indicative in so many ways.

I could actually look at your hand and tell you what has happened in your life and what may happen in your life. How did it appear on your hand? Well, it appears all over you. Whichever part of the body I look at, particularly if I look at certain parts which are more indicative than others, I will tell you your past and future. If I peek behind your earlobe, I will tell you almost everything – I am not joking. If I go to places of some significance, I never ask the local tour guide or somebody else what happened in this place. All I do is look for a rock which has been there undisturbed for a long time. I just go sit with it, and I know the whole place, because even the rock has the memory of everything that has happened around it.

Different objects on the planet are throwing out different types of vibrations, and these vibrations are varying according to the position of the planet. All these things have been measured, but they are not able to coherently decipher as to what it really says. Every rock, every pebble is saying something – that much, even modern science is clear about. Is it coherent enough for you to gather it, or are you sensitive enough to know what they are saying? That is the question. Because if you want to know what somebody is speaking, you must know their language, you must be sensitive enough to that language, otherwise you will not know. They are all saying so many things – who is there to listen?

Your Body is a Mini Cosmos

If you are sensitive to life around you, you can feel what it is saying. More than that, if you are sensitive to this life that you call “myself,” from the beginning of creation to now, everything is right here in this physical body – because this is a mini cosmos by itself – that is why it is called a “microcosm.” The macrocosm is just an enlarged version of it – everything that happened in the macrocosm, in a very subtle way, has happened here, and is still continuing to happen.

Why I am saying “it is continuing to happen” is, it is a very juvenile idea that creation happened, and that it happened in six or seven days, because creation is not something that happened; it is a happening. The idea of time itself is a juvenile idea; there is no such thing as “a million years ago.” For one who looks at the existence closely enough, for him it is all now, it is all here. So where is that “here?” Is it where you are sitting right now? No. It is here within you because this is the only place you can experience. I want you to know, this is the only place that has been revealed to you in the existence. Nothing else has ever been revealed to you; it will take a lot of work to simply see things the way they are, not the way they are projected through your eyes.

So karma is not a simple word. When we say, “It is your karma,” it means, the Big Bang is also your karma; that is also your doing. The very beginning of creation is also your doing because that is also in you. Everything happened in that which we refer to as consciousness. And that is not alien to you, that is not a foreign object to you – that is the basis of what you are. So even the beginning of creation is also you.

Editor’s Note: A version of this article was first published in Forest Flower magazine, January 2011.