Time to Cut the Cord? Involvement vs Entanglement

“As a physical existence, you are really nothing. If you understand this, you would look at everything with absolute wonder and involvement.”


Do you have to cut the cord of family attachments? Sadhguru says, no need to cut the cord, just make sure you expand it to include every piece of life.

Q: I’m having difficulty in cutting the cord. With my attachment to my family, to my children – I get very easily disturbed by what happens within my close circle. Please help me with that.

Sadhguru: I never said you must cut the cord. It is just that unfortunately, your motherly cord is too limited right now. Expand it a little bit. Make it connect to every piece of life on this planet rather than just to a handful.

Why do you want to cut your cord? There is no reason to cut your cord. There is a difference between involvement and entanglement. The only way to know life is with involvement. This is not just about spirituality. Would you know anything in your life if you are not involved? What is lacking in people is involvement.

Indiscriminate Involvement

When involvement becomes discriminatory, it becomes entanglement. Let your involvement become indiscriminate. The earth that you walk upon, the food that you eat, the water that you drink, the air that you breathe and the very space in which you exist, see if you can absolutely involve yourself with everything. You are anyway involved, but unconsciously. If you were not involved with the air that you breathe, you would be dead. You just have to become conscious that this is the only way life happens. You have to see that you are consciously involved.

Getting the Right Perspective

Today, is it true that the sun came up on time for the season? Yes. The planet is spinning on time, the flowers are blossoming, everything in the innumerable galaxies in the cosmos is happening absolutely perfectly well – but you have one nasty thought crawling through your head and it is a bad day. The problem is you have lost perspective of who you are. You think too much of yourself.

Right now, your whole experience of life is limited to the physical form that you are. As a physical form, what are you in this cosmos? In your home you maybe something, on the street – not much, in the town – nothing. In the cosmos, you are not even a speck of dust. Please get the perspective right. As a physical existence, you are really nothing. If you understand this, you would look at everything with absolute wonder and involvement. Then, one little thought or emotion would not be important because it is not even a concern. It is something that you are creating. What is happening in your mind is your making. Can I tell you a bad joke?

A lady went to sleep. In her sleep, she had a dream. In her dream, she saw a hunk of man standing there staring at her. He started coming closer and closer. He came so close she could even feel his breath. She trembled, not in fear. And then she asked, “What will you do to me?” The man said, “Well lady, it’s your dream.”

What is happening in your head is your dream. Your problem is not that life is not happening the way you want it. Your dream is not happening the way you want it. This is your problem. At least let the dreams happen the way you want. If the world does not happen the way you want, that is different. If your dream happened the way you want, you would still be joyful.

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