4 Food and Digestion Tips for a Healthy Life

Sadhguru offers a Yogic perspective on how food should be approached for physical and mental wellbeing. He also gives an example of a harmful food combination to explain the impact food has on our mental health.

"If you eat anything which has Tamas, inertia will come into your system. Inertia does not mean you just become lazy. Inertia means certain things slow down; certain things mean, essentially, regeneration of the system slows down." - Sadhguru

"You are who you are because of the parentage that you had, the schools that you went to, the education that you had, now, the exposure that you have in your life. one thing may be achieved, but the rest is damaged." - Sadhguru

"We want our stomachs to be always empty because in an empty stomach, everything works well." - Sadhguru