Does God Love You?

Sadhguru looks at how, though many people say God is loving, the only thing we can definitely say about the source of creation is that it is phenomenal intelligence. If we are in tune with that intelligence, life becomes beautiful.

Quotes from this Video

“If you say God loves me, you must know your such a pathetic despicable case.” —Sadhguru

“We need to understand there is something called human thought and emotion, human needs or emotional needs, love, care... The cosmos of what you're referring as the source of creation or divine or if you want to use God.” —Sadhguru

“Don't look up in the sky and say I love you, it will not say I love you back because it has no such need. Its pure existence is what you have to become.” —Sadhguru

“This is a full pledge life, it does not need anything from anybody it has everything. It is connected to everything in the universe.” —Sadhguru