How Energized Spaces Can Transform Your Life

In a conversation with bestselling author Chetan Bhagat, Sadhguru draws an important distinction between life and lifestyle and explains why we must be committed to life rather than lifestyle.

So the science of consecration is just this—the best material to consecrate is a human being. Because of all the physical forms on this planet, this is the most evolved physical form." — Sadhguru

"What you call as 'my body' is just a piece of this planet you slowly gathered, by the food that you eat. So, if everything physical about you is just something else, not you. What you gathered cannot be you." — Sadhguru

"You're looking at life process as a problem. It's not a problem. You are making it a problem because you're trying to fit life into your intellect. No, your intellect fits into this life perfectly well." — Sadhguru