How Profound is Your Experience of Life? That Is All There Is.

In this video, Sadhguru talked about the impact and importance of profound life experiences.

Quotes from this Video

“Life is not a race. It is a phenomenon.”—Sadhguru

“The phenomena of life is way larger than anything that you can ever grasp or understand. So when something is way bigger than what you can understand or grasp or analyze, the only option you have is to experience it as profoundly as possible.”—Sadhguru

“If you want to experience something profoundly, you don't try to experience profoundly. All you have to do is sharpen your instruments of experience. Take charge of your instruments of experience... you determine how sharp or how capable the instruments of experience should be. If you just enhance your instruments of experience, then the best possible things will happen to you.”—Sadhguru