Sadhguru Reveals Where You will Be AFTER DEATH!

Sadhguru reveals how life leaves the body, where you will be after death, what dies when you die, the stages of death, etc. He clearly explained the Pranas that leave the body once a person is declared dead.

Quotes from this Video

“People know what is the geography of heaven—where is God sitting, how many children he has... everything they know. How come they don't know where is their life?”—Sadhguru

“What we are calling life, physically, is a mechanism... there is hardware and there is software. Software package is actually bigger than the hardware—much bigger, and it is energized by what we are considering as a life force.”—Sadhguru

“So if you are alive... are you really alive? So how come we know so many things and we don't know the nature of our life?”—Sadhguru