To Navigate Through Life Effortlessly, See Life Just The Way It Is.

Sadhguru says that to navigate through life effortlessly, you must see everything as it is and never look up to anyone, nor look down on anyone.

Quotes from this Video

“You can form an opinion, but you must always be conscious it's your opinion. It need not have anything to do with actual reality. ” —Sadhguru

“You look up to something because you decided something is very good or great. You look down on something because something is worthless or filthy. You don't do this because what you value and what you don't value is only contextual to your life. ” —Sadhguru

“If you really want to know life, it's important you have no prejudice of what is high and what is low. If you have no such prejudice, how do you look up and how do you look down? You see everything just the way it is. ” —Sadhguru