What Role Does A Guru Play In Your Life

What is a Guru’s role in a seeker’s life? Sadhguru explains what a Guru is and is not.

Quotes from this Video

“A guru will come when you're ready. It does not mean he has to come as a person. It simply means when you are open, when you're ready, this energy, this presence—which is always seeking to penetrate and make a life blossom—like sunlight is always seeking how to touch every leaf, every flower, every life, and make it blossom. Just like that it is seeking, because this is not of an individual, this is not of a person—this is the nature of grace.”—Sadhguru

“I want you to understand that [the] dimension that you refer to as "guru" is not about me as a person. It is a possibility. It is a great privilege and the benevolence of creation, that in some way, you become the instrument of that possibility.”—Sadhguru

“A guru is not someone who gives you theories and philosophies, not someone who has scriptural knowledge and going to interpret scriptures for you, nor a friend or a guide who holds the torch for you. He's the torch. He's burning. If you wish to know what it is, you should burn too.”—Sadhguru