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Why Should Millennials Celebrate Mahashivratri

Why Should Millennials Celebrate Mahashivratri

Sadhguru answers a question about why Mahashivratri is relevant to Millennials, and explains that it is not about any god or religion.

Quotes from this Video

“What I perceive, I know; what I don't perceive, I do not know.” —Sadhguru

“Which millennial are you? Which millennia do you belong to? I am not a millennial? Everybody is going on taking newer and newer identities, that's what I'm saying.” —Sadhguru

“Disbelief, and all these different identities are crippling your ability to perceive because every identity is of memory, isn't it?” —Sadhguru

“If you're always dipping your hands in memory, you're crippled. We have set up a system where memory is misunderstood as intelligence.” —Sadhguru