Your Aspiration Is Only For Propulsion, It Should Not Decide Your Destiny.

Sadhguru talks about the importance of aspirations in life and the importance of not letting them dictate one's future.

Quotes from this Video

“While your future should not be directed by your aspirations, but without aspirations, you don't have a direction for the future.”—Sadhguru

“Your aspirations are the basis for your enthusiasms for life. Let it be, but at the same time, do not allow these aspirations to define the very destiny of who you are and where you will go. Let that open up as you go depending upon your capability and competence and the intensity of your involvement.”—Sadhguru

“Aspirations are the fuel which propels you into the next moment. In this, you should not lose yourself and think your aspirations are the end of your life. No, your aspirations are only propulsion for you. They should not decide the destination or destiny of who you are.”—Sadhguru